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Some good Tweetstorms

Posted by Kristjan Kullamägi
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Not going to be a long post as I just wanted to put some good past Tweetstorms here on my blog so people can find them easier.

Please click on the Tweets to see the whole thread.

2020 trades:

Important trading concepts:

Returns and return expectations:


Not a thread but I am trying to make a very important point here:

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12 thoughts on “Some good Tweetstorms

  1. Evan Chester

    Been following you since the chat with traders podcast, I switched from a popular day trading paid chat room where I was losing money to yours, since then I have been profitable. I want to say thank you for sharing your strategies and insight. I feel like I have literally stumbled across a goldmine hahaha. One month left until I can shat in the chat room.

    Thanks again!

    1. Kristjan Kullamägi


    2. Mehnaz

      Hi Kristjan,
      Heard and read a lot about you. You are an inspiration and hero to many, including me. I am joining you on your twitch. I hope I can see a profitable year soon. Thanks again for everything you do.

      1. Kristjan Kullamägi

        Thanks and good luck!

  2. Allen Price

    I was referred to you and your YouTube channel and twitch a few weeks ago. You simplify things in such a great way and it has helped me figure out that I am a swing trader and not a day trader. I also realize that with your simplicity of choosing one or two setups and looking at thousands of charts will help me become profitable quicker and keep losses to minimum by using your rules. Thanks so much!

    1. Kristjan Kullamägi


  3. alejandro macias

    I came across your website from chat with traders and I like how genuine you are and how you keep it real with everyone. I have 10 years left in the Military and I am hoping that by absorbing as much information as I can from you and other traders that me and my wife can be financially independent when we retire. Keep up the great work!

    1. Kristjan Kullamägi

      Awesome! Thanks and good luck!

  4. Charles Salberg

    Excellent. The first one about memorable trades was my favorite. I read all the tweets twice.

    1. Kristjan Kullamägi


  5. Kasper

    I recently made my first breakout screeners trying to figure out ideas how to trade these breakout stocks when I remembered I had seen someone with a weird name specializing at just this area.. Took a while to find you but heck I am glad I did, hope to see you stream soon!

  6. Manchu Emperor

    I am excited to be getting into swing trading and even more excited that I stumbled across your YouTube videos before getting really down and dirty in the markets. I am now taking a step back and going to read all the books you mentioned as must reads and build my own chart database while doing some smaller trades in the meantime.

    Mainly I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for so freely and warmly sharing your experiences and the strategies that have worked for you. It is uncommon in this world to see someone with your level of success helping others and not asking for anything else in return. I hope I can one day do the same. 🙂

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