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Some good Tweetstorms

Posted by Kristjan Kullamägi
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Not going to be a long post as I just wanted to put some good past Tweetstorms here on my blog so people can find them easier.

Please click on the Tweets to see the whole thread.

2020 trades:

Important trading concepts:

Returns and return expectations:


Not a thread but I am trying to make a very important point here:

2 thoughts on “Some good Tweetstorms

  1. Evan Chester

    Been following you since the chat with traders podcast, I switched from a popular day trading paid chat room where I was losing money to yours, since then I have been profitable. I want to say thank you for sharing your strategies and insight. I feel like I have literally stumbled across a goldmine hahaha. One month left until I can shat in the chat room.

    Thanks again!

    1. Kristjan Kullamägi


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