My trading history

I started daytrading in 2011 at age 23. I followed alerts, chased stocks and had no idea what I was doing which led me to blow up 3-4 times in my first 2 years of trading.
I didn’t give up, I studied more, tried harder, did more of what worked and less of what didn’t work, my results started improving. Gradually I went from losing money to breaking even.
2013 was my first profitable year and I’ve been profitable ever since. This is where I started moving away from daytrading to swing trading since I realized the potential is so much bigger there.
In 2017 I became financially independent. It was around this time I began sharing my trading ideas and methodology on Youtube and Twitter.
In 2019 I started streaming on Twitch and trying to build a trading community focused on learning and developing as a trader myself and teaching and helping others.
All for free of course… because I make my money trading and prefer to help, not prey off people who want to learn but often have very little money.

My goals

I want to help other aspiring traders to succeed and even surpass me at some point, because trading alone without sharing the experience and helping others is just pointless.
I know how difficult and frustrating it is being a struggling trader and I know how much it helps having someone to look up to and guide you step by step through the process.