Some testimonials from April 2021:

Hey Kris, on stream you said you were looking for testimonials. Here’s one from me: Thank you for being such a humble guy and sharing your knowledge with the world. Watching you trade live is an unbelievable learning experience that is probably worth tens of thousands of dollars yet you do it for free. You are so unbelievably patient with everyone’s questions. Day by day, I feel like I am gaining confidence in getting into the right positions and riding the wave. There’s a long road ahead but you have put so many people on the right path. Thank you!
I have followed Kris for a long time. He is a humble, down to earth guy, and as true a market wizard as they come with awe-inspiring returns. In my honest opinion he provides the best trading community that I have come across in my 6 years of trading. I haven't missed a day since he started to stream, and it has really had a big impact on my returns. You just got to remember to watch out for his big wick, I don't care who you are, when it's coming for you, it will take you out.
I learned more about emotion-control and patience from Kris than any other trader out there. Although he is a brilliant technical trader, his stoic mindset is where I derive most value. I recently watched a video of a “guru” who was so emotional after losing $220,000 that he did a 45min video going on-and-on about guilt, shame, purpose in life, etc. Then I watched a video of Kris losing $1.5million and joking about sacrificing a goat while watching his losses pile up. That sort of emotional resilience is what I aspire to achieve while improving my trading game.
I didn't know about jesse livermore before following kris, now I know jesse and his great grand daughter, Fan of both. 
I've basically dedicated my entire life to following this guy. If Kris had been streaming 4 years ago when I started trading I would've saved +$11K. I don't think you guys truly understand the quality of his content. Funny as fuck too
To me Kris was the only that makes sense. There's plenty of trading guru out there that talk about how trading takes all your attention, but then they have a paid chat room service that diverts their time?? At least when you don't charge, you can fuck off any time at any moment with no probs.
You are really amazing. My kids are not adults yet, but in a few years, I’ll have them listen to the stream rather than binge watching something else. 
here ya go mate for the testimonial page: years of mediocre results, epic drawdowns, countless chat rooms, the fact no one else has opened up their trading system and been so generous with this info, makes you a chad
You're an incredible rolemodel in addition to being a great trader, Kristjan. You come off as a really good human being, and I am very grateful to be part of your community.